Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stretch Your Stamps OnLine Card Class Day 7

Day #7

Stamping On Glitter:

Using double sided tape, I adhered one side to white card stock, the other I sprinkled with white glitter, used the flat edge of a one folder to burnish the glitter for adhesion. Stamped the sentiment and the flower design. I then cut  a window on the front, embossed black CoreOdination paper, sanded it and adhered it to the flaps created.  I extended the size of a label stamp by inking only the top and sides, stamping, then inking the bottom and sides, matching up the sides for an extending label creating a border around the opening on the front. I used tissue tape to line the inside of this border. I then glued the flaps open showing the inside message. Added a round paper clip on each side for embellishment.

I mounted the glitter sentiment to black paper, did the same technique with another stamp to extend it for a border around the glitter.

I used Sticklers to highlight the black dots on the front of the card, the inside dots and the heart


  1. Very elaborate! What kind of ink did you use to stamp on the glitter? I am having trouble with that technique.

  2. Hi Kirsten!!! Thanks for your kind words!!! I used Ranger Archival Inks to stamp on top of the glitter, black for the sentiment and and Library Green for the flowers..