Monday, September 29, 2014

One Pull Wonders Day 6, Carolyn Dube Playtime

Day 6 -- It's A Drag (And That's A Good Thing)

I have gotten behind in my Gelli Plate Workshop, bummer.  As I play catch-up, I am jumping around with the Day's postings. This is Day 3, from Week 2.

I just love this technique because it involves 2 Gelli Plates, and I love working with 2 of them at a time. If you would like to play along, you can sign-up for Carolyn's Workshop HERE - One Pull Wonders

This is pull #1. It got a tad "muddy" which was expected because of the layering and paint, but I think it is pretty cool anyways. If you could see it in person, it looks 3D--- all the texture and layers and the swirls -- wow!!!

This is the second pull which brought up more of the initial (first) layers of paint:

I had soooo much paint on the GP i was able to get a 3rd pull:

And I certainly did not want to waste any paint on my little GP so here is the first pull from that. It is a tab muddy also, but that was expected here too. I did not want to "smooch" the paint, so I just laid the paper down and pulled it up:

Then I got another pull which still had a ton of paint on it but not the muddy, more of the other layers:

This is the 3rd pull from that little plate:

And a 4th:

And here's the 5th!!! I brayered on some gel medium to rewet the paint as it was starting to dry, but I still had these colors on and wanted them on a pull:

WOW -- such a fun technique!! 

If you want to learn some great GP Techniques and play along with us, click HERE for the link to Carolyn Dube's One Pull Wonders OnLine Workshop -- its wonderfully "funtastic" !!!


  1. Love these. They remind me of really large finger prints. I just love the swirls. hugs, Patty