Monday, March 23, 2015

Open The Box From Jay Richardson

My life is Blessed in many ways, and one of them happened today as I held in my hands three beautiful engraved glass works of art, creations by Jay Richardson!!! I was Blessed to purchase two of his face etching on glass -- one for my granddaughter, and one for me.

I also commissioned him to etch a glass cube using a beautiful wooden piece of art my daughter had created this past Christmas. We had wanted to use a solid block of glass but were unable to find one in the size I wanted so we used a square glass vase, which he etched upside down. How clever is that!!! This will now stand on a lighted base, which will display the engraved/etched piece of art. I can't wait to send it onto my daughter, this is a surprise...

This is the piece for my granddaughter, a beautiful Princess...

This is the piece I am keeping, it is titled: Mother Earth

And this is the piece I commissioned for my Daughter. I put a piece of cloth inside, hoping the etching would show better, and I think it did...

I also made and Open The Box Video, please watch it on my YouTube Channel here:

Words can not express my pleasure, or beauty, or quality of Jay's art. What a gift of talent he has been given and a Blessing I have received today. Please visit his Google Plus Page for more of his art and contact info.

Thank you, Jay!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I know, Nanette. I am feeling very very Blessed! !

    2. I know, Nanette. I am feeling very very Blessed! !

  2. Wow. So beautiful and timeless. Everytime you see one of his etchings you are going to smile inside. Wow. What an artist.