Sunday, April 5, 2015

New beginnings...

The true definition of Spring -- which symbolizes new beginnings to me. We also are seeing New Beginnings at the Kraaft Shaak. -- Heather has assembled a Design Team. The first such adventure for her and the Kraaft Shaak. It is a New Beginning for sure.

And what better way to Begin, than to have the Leader of the Design Team, Sandra ArtfullyMade , post an Inspirational and Motivational Altered Project, a "Bank". A depository of ideas, of quotes,  techniques -- little "Sparks of Keativity" to hold your inner critic at bay, to inspire you, to motivate you. Put the "Good" in and when the "bad" starts a-calling, pull out a "Spark of Kreativity" and lift yourself up!!!

Please visit Sandra ArtfullyMade to see just how she kreated this gem on her BLOG post or on the Kraaft Shaak Design Team Page. You're gonna love it!!!


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