Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dana's Spark will Spark you!!!

Oh boy, have I got a treat for you!!! Over in the Kraafters Kommunity on Google+, Heather has assembled a Design Team. Every Saturday there is a new post to "Spark your Kreativity" and did Dana S ever spark it today!!! Please visit her blog HERE to see the gorgeous "Book" she made using many of the items found in the Multi-Media Kit from the Kraaft Shaak.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A "tray"rific Spark of Keativity

Over in the Kraffters Kommunity on Google+, Heather has gathered a Design Team, the very First ever Design Team which consists of Sandra, Dana, Shel and myself. Each Saturday for the Month of April,  a DT Member posts an altered item from the Kraaft Shaak Multi-Media Kit they received. First up for April was Sandra, the Team Leader who made this adorable "Bank", I was next with this altered Note Holder and today is Shel's turn with this incredible "Spark of A Kreativity" -- this awesome altered tray. Please visit her blog to see how she made this and see all the wonderful steps and supplies used.

Please visit all the highlighted links above for the Kraaft Shaak, the Design Team, and the Weekly Sparks of Kreativity

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

SomeBunny Loves You...

Spark Some Kreativity Saturday @The Kraaft Shaak

A new Dawning, a New Beginning - that is the essence of SpringTime AND a whole new project happening at the Kraaft Shaak. Every Saturday, starting with April 4th, one of the Members of the newly formed Design Team, will be posting a unique project loaded with ideas to “Spark your Kreativity”.  Sandra started us off with a great idea to Inspire and/or Motivate your artistic mojo. Visit her blog here to see the beautiful “Bank” she kreated.

And now, it’s my turn…  and I have a Tale to spin to begin my project called … 

SomeBunny Loves You…

Lots of Kiddies and many adults too, don’t know the “Other” tale of the Easter Bunny, and I might add it’s a very symbolic tale at that!!! You see, when all the kiddos from all the Lands have gathered all the Easter Eggs from all the meadows, and fields and deserts, and the whole Easter Egg celebration is through, this Little Guy, some call Peter, but I call him SomeBunny, hops around collecting the unfound, leftover Eggs, to take back to his rabbit hole for his tiny Little Ones, who are way too small right now to venture out from their Home. SomeBunny keeps collecting until his little Rabbit Hole is filled, and along the way, he also stops to gather some of the Beautiful Flowers starting to bloom all over the world, because it is Spring and that’s what happens in Springtime!!

And to commemorate this wondrous Season, I have altered a Kraft Box I received in the Multi-Media Kit from the Kraaft Shaak. Heather has packed this Kit FULL of goodies, but aside from that, what is truly unique with her Multi-Media kit, is -- you can choose from two additional unique items - a paste sample and a paint sample. How kool is that!!!??

I have made a series of quick videos showing each step along the way. It was great fun kreating with all the goodies I found inside my Multi-Media Kit and other items found at the Kraaft Shaak

Journey along with me as we watch SomeBunny’s Rabbit Hole grow with eggs, and flowers and magical ideas…

First up is the Kraft Box and I did a quick little Spark Of Kreativity here with the contents of this Kraaft Box, a bonus altered item….

Now, wasn’t that fun!! And so easy to do and best of all, you can use all those leftover Designer Papers to make these little gems.

But, lets get onto the making of the Rabbit Hole …

First up — The Earth. I used some of the paper pages included in the Multi-Media Kit to make paper pulp, which I then painted with acrylic paint and embellished, as a proper rabbit Earth mound should be… watch this quick video for all the steps used here…

Now, since it is Springtime, and it IS the Season of Rebirth, Anew, Fresh Beginnings, we often celebrate this with the Egg, the symbol of ReBirth. And tales abound as to how the Bunny came to be the guardian of this Hunt, but as children, we can recall our favorite Easter Egg Hunts and Good Ol’ Peter Rabbit right there with us. But before any Hunt begins, we must have eggs, lots of eggs which must be decorated to be sure to catch that Bunny’s eye!! For my eggs, I used the Cricut Expressions to cut various sizes, colored them with Shaving Creme Marbling using Prima Color Bloom Sprays in Peony, Teal and Gold. Watch this video for the complete process…

Wasn’t that fun!!! Now we also need the Easter Bunny, who will gather all those eggs. Watch here to see how he takes shape…

Isn’t that Finnabair Platinum Crackling Paste yummy? The shimmer of the off-white creamy color adds just the right amount of pearl essence to any project. And when left to air dry, these wonderful cracks appear. You can heat dry also for finer, less obvious crackle.

And everyone knows that SomeBunny needs a trail to go hoppin down, right? It’s generally called, The Bunny Trail -- hear that tune now playing in your head?? Watch here to see how I created one using Finnabair ArtIngredients Copper Glass Glitter and 3D Gloss Gel... it’s sooooo textured and full of sparkly goodness!!!

The next video shows the completed Altered Kraft NoteBox. I recorded a video, or thought I did, showing the process I used to kreate the Popups, but it didn't record. So, I'll just have to explain the steps here:  For the inside popups, I used packing plastic found on many items today. I just cut-to-fit to the bottom of the box, glued in place with hot glue, folded up two sides, cut them into strips and added the eggs, flowers, etc by gluing in place. I just love popups and thought this would be a grand idea to incorporate into this little note box, bringing to life the unexpected, just like Springtime does.  I added other embellishments and Three Crosses to honor The Sacrifice made for ME on that Mound, eons ago.

The sentiment honors everything about the Spring Season to me... my Faith, faith in the excitement of New Beginnings, faith in the continuing Cycle of Life, and my Belief that no matter what your Faith, or definition of Faith, if you walk with an Moral Code, Your Faith Shines Bright…

The whole story here of SomeBunny, is symbolic of Christ, going forth into the World, saving/rescuing/ministering to the unwanted, the left behind, the unfound. He gathers them all, brings them Home into His Fold, provides shelter, supplies their needs all through Faith, Hope and Love...  SomeBunny indeed loves you!!!

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I am truly Blessed to be a part of the Design Team for The Kraaft Shaak, comprised of myself and there other extremely talented ladies:

Sandra - who heads up the Team, You can visit here blog here and also the very first ever Kreative Spark designed for the Kraaft Shaak here

Shel - you can visit her blog here. Look for here Kreative Spark post on April 18

And Dana - her Blog can be found here, and her first Kreative Spark post will be on April 25th

You can also visit the Kraaft Shaak Design Team Page here where you can find more information on all the Design Team Members

Products used that can be found at the Kraaft Shaak:

And if you are interested in the complete contents of the Multi-Media Kit I received from the Kraaft Shaak, you can view the Open The Box video here.

Yummy goodness there!!! Thanks for watching all these videos and for joining me on this Kreative Spark, and be sure to watch for more Sparks every Saturday from the KraaftShaak Designers


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Sunday, April 5, 2015

New beginnings...

The true definition of Spring -- which symbolizes new beginnings to me. We also are seeing New Beginnings at the Kraaft Shaak. -- Heather has assembled a Design Team. The first such adventure for her and the Kraaft Shaak. It is a New Beginning for sure.

And what better way to Begin, than to have the Leader of the Design Team, Sandra ArtfullyMade , post an Inspirational and Motivational Altered Project, a "Bank". A depository of ideas, of quotes,  techniques -- little "Sparks of Keativity" to hold your inner critic at bay, to inspire you, to motivate you. Put the "Good" in and when the "bad" starts a-calling, pull out a "Spark of Kreativity" and lift yourself up!!!

Please visit Sandra ArtfullyMade to see just how she kreated this gem on her BLOG post or on the Kraaft Shaak Design Team Page. You're gonna love it!!!