Monday, September 29, 2014

One Pull Wonders Day 6, Carolyn Dube Playtime

Day 6 -- It's A Drag (And That's A Good Thing)

I have gotten behind in my Gelli Plate Workshop, bummer.  As I play catch-up, I am jumping around with the Day's postings. This is Day 3, from Week 2.

I just love this technique because it involves 2 Gelli Plates, and I love working with 2 of them at a time. If you would like to play along, you can sign-up for Carolyn's Workshop HERE - One Pull Wonders

This is pull #1. It got a tad "muddy" which was expected because of the layering and paint, but I think it is pretty cool anyways. If you could see it in person, it looks 3D--- all the texture and layers and the swirls -- wow!!!

This is the second pull which brought up more of the initial (first) layers of paint:

I had soooo much paint on the GP i was able to get a 3rd pull:

And I certainly did not want to waste any paint on my little GP so here is the first pull from that. It is a tab muddy also, but that was expected here too. I did not want to "smooch" the paint, so I just laid the paper down and pulled it up:

Then I got another pull which still had a ton of paint on it but not the muddy, more of the other layers:

This is the 3rd pull from that little plate:

And a 4th:

And here's the 5th!!! I brayered on some gel medium to rewet the paint as it was starting to dry, but I still had these colors on and wanted them on a pull:

WOW -- such a fun technique!! 

If you want to learn some great GP Techniques and play along with us, click HERE for the link to Carolyn Dube's One Pull Wonders OnLine Workshop -- its wonderfully "funtastic" !!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One Pull Wonders, Carolyn Dube, Day 3

Over, Under, In and Out, All Around...

Boy did I ever have fun today with the technique Carolyn showed. WOW, it was a blast!!  After laying down paint and stencil as Carolyn demoed today, this is my first Gelli Plate pull:

Here is my over stencil pull. Love all the colors in this one:

This is the under stencil pull which it has the main colors I laid down on the Gelli Plate:

Here is another set I did, same order as the first:

The following are the "brayer cleanups" While off loading my brayer, I loved the first swipe and decided to NOT mix the rolls but to keep them separate until the brayer was clean. I love how these turned out!!!

While I was laying down the paint per the technique, I off loaded some unto my 5x5 plate, before I rolled onto the cleanup papers. I loved how the paint looked on the roller and wanted to capture that on my small Gelli Plate for a pull:

This is a "funstatic" class, getting messy, playing with colors and leaning great techniques. If you want to play along, please see Carolyn's web site for info on "One Pull Wonders" or click the links I have in this post, they will take you to her website.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Pull Wonders, Carolyn Dube Playtime, Day 2

Oh boy!!!  Today's class is FINGER PAINTING!!! WooHoo!!!  Great to be a kid again, thank you Carolyn.

This is the first pull, with the stencil on, from a fun technique Carolyn taught today. I used deli-paper to makes the first 3 pulls. It was messy, it was gooey, it has lots of texture, and it was FUN!!! You can play along too, just visit her web site and sign up for this class -- One Pull Wonders.

This is the second pull -- less paint but still some texture

The third pull is getting more distressed looking, less paint, but still way too cool!!

The forth pull I used plain old printer paper!! It is soo distressed -- I Love it!!!

Next, I removed the stencil and began making pulls. The first is so vibrant and full of lots of great texture

The second still has lots of paint on it

and the third still has paint to pull,

If you have a Geli Plate and want to play along with Carolyn Dube, please sign up for her class - One Pull Wonders - it is typical Carolyn with lots of fun, laughs, OOPS, and color - so much color -  and her amazing teaching techniques!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Gelli Plate playdate with Carolyn Dube, Day 1

Today begins a funtastic workshop, One Pull Wonders, working with the Gelli Plate.  Carolyn Dube of A Colorful Journey, has this great talent for creative, innovative and just plain fun techniques using the Gelli Plate. My first intro to the Gelli Plate was with an online workshop by Carolyn, who's patience, wit, humor and vast knowledge took the mystique out of this fabulous medium. She just makes ya wanna play along, the "Oh, Oh, pick me" type of teacher that just brings the creativity out of you.

If you want to "play along", visit her website and sign-up for the class called One Pull Wonders. It is an Online Classroom, which you take at your leisure, in the comfort of your home, when you want. It's a beautiful thing!!!

If you are familiar with the Gelli Plate, you know you can get more than one "pull" from the paint/media you have laid down on the plate. Each "pull" produces unique images, never the same.

Today she taught us a technique that just "rocks my socks"!!! It is soooo easy, so simple, yet produces these fabulous results of texture and layers all in one process!!! Here are my "pulls" from class today:

This is the first pull after applying paint and doing the process Carolyn demoed in class. Look at that texture in this -- amazing!!

This is the 2nd "pull". Still some texture, but not as much as the first "pull"

The 3rd gets less and starts to look somewhat distressed to me, like weathered wood

The 4th "pull" is more of a mop-up, to clear the Gelli Plate

The final one is just as amazing as the first "pull", and it was soooo simple to do. Look at all those colors, the way they mix, the texture...

If you want to learn how this was done, please join us in Carolyn's One Pull Wonders Online Workshop. You'll love it!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

KIT Day (Kraaft It Together Day)

In this fabulous Kommunity I belong to on Google+ called Kaarfter Kommunity we have a monthly kraaftfest called KIT which stands for "Kraaft It Together". Using Google+ Hangouts On Air, we are able to get together and kraaft all day in the comforts of our own home. How KOOL is that!!!

This past Saturday was our Kraaftfest for the month of September. These are the items I was able to finish (always a good thing!!) Plus I get to hangout with some of the zaniest, kraafty people EVER from all over the world!!! Amazing, simply amazing, when ya think about that -- all over the world!!!

The first item is a booklet I demoed how to make out of recycled envelopes in my KISS Segment over on my YouTube Channel - taboriginal. Click here to check that one out. I just love making these booklet cause there are so many tabbies, and pullouts that just make them fun!!

Recycled Envelop Booklet:

I painted the tag with Chalkboard Paint. Now they can write on it what ever they want to. 
Love this idea!!

Chalkboard Paint here to...

T-Shirt Bling:

My grandson plays Varsity Hockey for his High School and I wanted a t-shirt to support him. I LOVE bling, so I went with a blingy logo made from Swarowski Elemets for HotFix. I used a black t-shirt and adhered light blue, medium blue and clear crystals to the front using Varsity Letter font. I printed the logo onto printer paper and then cut out each letter, placing onto the t-shirt and blinged around each.

I love how this came out, and boy, do those Swarowski crystals shine and sparkle!!! Next I will make a sweatshirt, cause I get so cold in the arena, I covered up my t-shirt with a sweatshirt -- bummer.

I tried to capture the bling, cuz that's what ya have to do with bling -- watch it sparkle!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kaards By Kraafters Project

Over in the Kraafters Kommunity on Google+, we have a continuing kaard project where we meet via "Hangouts" once a month. We make kaards to brighten the days of others, to let them know we are thinking of them as they face life's challenges, and they are in our prayers.

We met online yesterday and these are the cards I made:

Sunshine:  I embossed the kraft card stock and matching envelop. The Sun is stamped and colored with Copics, then fussy-cut. The Orangish square is from a watercolor blocking I made with Distress Inks, which I cut up for this card.

My Thoughts:  Cream card stock, a watercolor blocking and stamping I made which I cut up for this card, thenstamped the dragon fly image over it and using an H2O Brush, I spread the water based ink to mute it and blend in with the other watercolors. Added some sparkler to the bursts with a silver Gel Pen.  Using the same Distress Ink Peacock Feather, I watercolored the cotton twine.

Hi:  Using the triple layer stamp techniques I gleaned from fellow card maker, Sheri Whitfield, I used Distress Inks to stamp the image, layered with turquoise paper. Stamped the dragon fly onto the card stock and also again onto a scrap, fussy-cut and adhered with foam tape.

Mugs:  Using the same watercolor paper, I stamped on the mugs, then colored with Copics. Embellied some mugs with silver Gel Pen for sparkle. Stained the ribbon with Distress Inks to match the colors in the card.

Recycled Envelop Booklet

I just added another video to my YouTube Channel Series "KISS" Keep It Simple Sylvia. Today I demo how to make a very simple booklet by recycling those return envelopes we receive in our snail mail.

Please join me over on my YouTube Channel or click the video below...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Simple Booklets

I just added another KISS video to my YouTube Channel -- taboriginal

Today I am making a very simple booklet out of one sheet of cardboard that is the backing on a 12x12 Designer Paper Pak.

I used Tim Holtz Distress Paints to color each "page" in Fall Colors, and for coloring several yards of seam binding also.

Click the above link (KISS video) to view this video and/or my Channel (taboriginal),  or just simply view here:

Creative Blog Hop Paying It Forward...

I was asked by my friend, Heather, to participate in a Creative Blog Hop and by accepting, I agreed to asked a couple of other bloggers to join along, so this is them "Paying It Forward"...

Please visit Peg at her Blog to discover all that she creates and what makes her do it at Bits n Pieces

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