Sunday, September 14, 2014

KIT Day (Kraaft It Together Day)

In this fabulous Kommunity I belong to on Google+ called Kaarfter Kommunity we have a monthly kraaftfest called KIT which stands for "Kraaft It Together". Using Google+ Hangouts On Air, we are able to get together and kraaft all day in the comforts of our own home. How KOOL is that!!!

This past Saturday was our Kraaftfest for the month of September. These are the items I was able to finish (always a good thing!!) Plus I get to hangout with some of the zaniest, kraafty people EVER from all over the world!!! Amazing, simply amazing, when ya think about that -- all over the world!!!

The first item is a booklet I demoed how to make out of recycled envelopes in my KISS Segment over on my YouTube Channel - taboriginal. Click here to check that one out. I just love making these booklet cause there are so many tabbies, and pullouts that just make them fun!!

Recycled Envelop Booklet:

I painted the tag with Chalkboard Paint. Now they can write on it what ever they want to. 
Love this idea!!

Chalkboard Paint here to...

T-Shirt Bling:

My grandson plays Varsity Hockey for his High School and I wanted a t-shirt to support him. I LOVE bling, so I went with a blingy logo made from Swarowski Elemets for HotFix. I used a black t-shirt and adhered light blue, medium blue and clear crystals to the front using Varsity Letter font. I printed the logo onto printer paper and then cut out each letter, placing onto the t-shirt and blinged around each.

I love how this came out, and boy, do those Swarowski crystals shine and sparkle!!! Next I will make a sweatshirt, cause I get so cold in the arena, I covered up my t-shirt with a sweatshirt -- bummer.

I tried to capture the bling, cuz that's what ya have to do with bling -- watch it sparkle!!!


  1. It was sure fun to have a nosey around the KIT show yesterday! Amazing what technology allows us to do these days! I love that mini book - I watched your video on that from start to finish twice, just so I would remember how to make it!

  2. Awww, thanks Zsuzsa! ! Watch this Friday cuz I'm making another one, showcasing a different way to bind which involves how the pages are assembled. .. gonna be KOOL...