Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Pull Wonders, Carolyn Dube Playtime, Day 2

Oh boy!!!  Today's class is FINGER PAINTING!!! WooHoo!!!  Great to be a kid again, thank you Carolyn.

This is the first pull, with the stencil on, from a fun technique Carolyn taught today. I used deli-paper to makes the first 3 pulls. It was messy, it was gooey, it has lots of texture, and it was FUN!!! You can play along too, just visit her web site and sign up for this class -- One Pull Wonders.

This is the second pull -- less paint but still some texture

The third pull is getting more distressed looking, less paint, but still way too cool!!

The forth pull I used plain old printer paper!! It is soo distressed -- I Love it!!!

Next, I removed the stencil and began making pulls. The first is so vibrant and full of lots of great texture

The second still has lots of paint on it

and the third still has paint to pull,

If you have a Geli Plate and want to play along with Carolyn Dube, please sign up for her class - One Pull Wonders - it is typical Carolyn with lots of fun, laughs, OOPS, and color - so much color -  and her amazing teaching techniques!!