Friday, December 19, 2014

Gift Journal Is Now Complete

Finally!!! I have completed "The Journal"!!! And none too soon either, as the exchange is tomorrow.... phew!!!

There are five signatures with 5 or 6 full pages for a total of 10 to 12 actual pages per signature. I left alot of space between the signatures because I knew the journal would expand with items. I found a beautiful lime green satin ribbon I just knew would look great with those LSG Magicals as a tie for the Journal closure.

Here are some more pictures of the Journal showing the spine. I did a macrame knot on the signature strings, adding a few silver beads. The knot is one that curls up upon itself, which I rather liked.

Here is that yummy lime green ribbon!!! I just punched a hole in the front and back covers with my Crop-A-Dile, tied the ribbon on each cover then made the cute bow to hold it together.

You can see all the signatures inside. I used designer paper from my stash in every color in the rainbow, trying to put some blue/purple/green papers in each signature. I also added parchment paper, manilla folders, and deli-wrap in most signatures just for kicks. On most of the pages, I folded up a 3 inch edge for pockets and added tags, journalling blocks, photo mounts, photo frames and what ever I thought she might need/use along with paper clips, printed words and other embellies.

Here's a final picture. I just love how it turned out and I can't wait to see the expression on her face!!

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Christmas Centerpiece

I posted a new video today over on my YouTube Channel -- taboriginal -- where I demo how to make a very cute candle arrangement for your table or mantel recycling toilet tissue and paper towel rolls.

You can view the video by clicking on the picture below, or using this link to my YouTube Channel -- taboriginal

Thank you for reading my blog and watching this video.

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Journal For A Friend...

     I had decided to make a journal for a friend as a Christmas Present,
sneak peek here:

    Then the fun began -- what do I use to make the cover -- chip board, cardboard, 140# Watercolor paper, recycle something??? The ideas were endless but I ended up recycling cereal boxes. I used two of the same size, glued them together for added strength and thickness. I sanded the printed glossy side for better adhesion using Liquitex Matte Gel to glue together. I did not want the printed side out incase there might be any bleeding of the colors.
     When the matte gel set up, I cut the boxes to the size journal I wanted. Since I was using Designer Paper folded to 6x9 inch size, I made the front and back covers 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches to give a 1/4 lip all around.
     The sides of the cereal box were 2 3/4 inches wide which I kept, but cut the length to 6 1/2 inches.
      I cut duck cloth, which is a very heavy cotton material that resembles canvas, to 18 inches x 11 inches for the complete front/outside of the journal and 15 1/4 inches x 9 1/4 for the complete inside cover. The extra on the front cover allows for wrapping around to the inside for a finished look on the edges. Applying the smaller to the inside finishes the book. I left an eighth inch separation between the front/back cereal covers and what would be the spine, so the journal would close/open unobstructed.
     Using the Matte Gel, I glued all in place and left to dry over night. When all was dry I used Liquitex Gesso to all sides of the journal.
     I worked on the inside first. I wanted dimension, but not too much. I used gauze, lace, Magic Mesh, the mesh from an onion bag, felt flower strip, and dot tape, adhering all in place with matte gel. When all was dry, I added Liquitex Modeling paste for more dimension using a chicken wire stencil along with a harlequin, clock and dot stencils. Once all was dry, I covered it again in gesso.
     Using Lindy's Stamp Gang Gator Gumbo Olive and Jazzy Jivin' Purple Mardi Gras Mania Magicals and Tibetan Poppy Teal Autumn Leaves Collection Magicals, I sprinkled the DRY powders randomly over the inside covers. Then I spritzed with water and let the magic begin. I let the colors mingle and merge!! Where there was not enough coverage, I mixed the Magicals with water in Ranger Mini Misters and sprayed where I felt was needed.
     When all was dry, I mixed glitter from Finnabair Art ExtraVagance Glitter Mardi Gras set (Prima) with Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel (Prima) spreading onto the felt flowers to make them "pop" with that amazing glitter sparkle of this line of glitter!!!
     I also mixed a thick paste using the Gator Gumbo Olive Magical powder and water. Using my finger to spread this past onto the all the stenciled areas to highlight them with that amazing green gold!!!
     The depth and sparkle of LSG Magicals is breathtaking and they co-ordinate so richly with the Finnabair Glitter!!

Complete inside:

Left inside cover:

Right inside cover:

     Now for the outside. I wanted dimension on all the sides, just like the inside. Using the same materials from the inside, I cover the complete front with onion packaging mesh, gauze, lace and ribbon and magic mesh. I used the same stencils and the modeling paste to add more dimension.
     When all was dry, using items from my "stash" I collaged gears, beads, flowers, and various metal objects onto the front then gessoed everything.
     Applying the same technique as I did on the inside covers, I sprinkled the same Magicals randomly, then spritzed with water, filling in with more color from the sprays I made.
     I finished the outside cover off with the same paste of Gator Gumbo Olive on all the stenciled items and on the metal pieces on the front.
     Using the glitter gel, I added the purple and olive colors to all the flowers and some of the metal pieces.
     To complete the front, I attached a few rhinestones in the the Mardi Gras colors and added white pearl sprays.
     The sentiment I printed on music paper and sealed with JudiKin Micro Glaze which is a wax I use to seal Ink Jet printed items.
     I sealed all with Grumbacher Final Fixative, since everything is water based. Sure would hate for this to get wet!!!
     Now, all I have to do is add all the signatures and this will be done!!!

The full outside cover:

Front of journal:

Trying to catch the simmer and glitter here:

The back side of the journal:

Full journal again:

     I just love how LSG Magicals are tonal and have a luster and shimmer unique to them. The depth of color is amazing and they are a perfect pairing with Finnabair Mardi Gras Glitters

     Thanks for sticking around to read this long description, I truly appreciate it.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Over in the Kraafters Kommunity on Google Plus, we are always doing some kind of challenge. The current one is drawing a cat, so this is my take on that challenge..

Tigers are supposed to have white whiskers, but I could not get them to show up, but they are really there, really they are...

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Mardi Gras Glitter

art ExtraVagance finnabair mardi gras glitter -- now that's a mouthful to say!!! But, boy o boy, is this ever amazing glitter.

First off, the colors are what I would expect to see at Mardi Gras -- greens (3 shades, 2 textures), pinks (2shades, one of each texture), and one amazing purple in the ultra fine glitter. Second the textures are ultra fine and regular, both have sparkle, sparkle, reflective properties that just radiate the light. And third, my all time favorite thing about this glitter is -- it has it's own sprinkle top!!! Yeah!!! A flip-up top that has tiny holes to sprinkle on just what you need with very litttle waste. And the added bonus of those tops is precision!!! Yes, precision!!! They dispense a fine little "shake" of the glitter that pretty much goes exactly where you want it to go. How cool is that!!!

Here are some sample boards I made. The top one is just some of the shades sprinkled onto double-sided tape that was adhered to a twinchy board. On the middle two boards, I used a stencil to control where I sprinkled the different colors. When I removed the stencil, I sprinkled the lighter shade of pink onto the left one, and I used a white I already had for the other one.

On the bottom two, I used the same stencil, but used all the leftovers from the above 3 twinchy boards that had fallen off after burnishing them. I added white glitter to complete the tiny boards and cover the stickiness of the double-sided tape. I love how all the colors mixed to give this unique blend!!!

I also shot a quick video because it is very difficult to show glitter in a still photo. I recorded outside hoping  to get the colors as true as possible, so apologies for the "airiness" of the sound. Plus you get the added bonus of seeing my little dog in the back ground!!

Over on Goggle Plus, I belong to this amazing community called kraafters kommunity.  The founder, Heather, has recently opened an on-line store where I purchased these glitters. Check our the community HERE and her store HERE or click the links above...

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