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A fond farewell to the Design Teams from Heather:

 BUT WAIT!!! There is MORE!!!

The members of both Design Teams pleaded, crying to Heather that they wanted to stay on board, so she said through her Tears of Joy, YES!!
This next round of 3 months will feature Holiday Themes from the Design Team Members. Again, they will be posting every Saturday, their "Spark of Kreativity". You can check them out at the Kraaft Shaak on come back here to this page where I will have the current posts at the top.


Design Teams One and Two - the Beginnings...

Every week a Kraaft Shaak Design Team Member creates an "artpiece" using items from the Mixed Media Kits at the Kraaft Shaak.

Each Saturday I will post the link to their Blog here, on this Page. It will be the top link, so a running collection will be here for you to check out ALL the posts that have happened, in chronological order, most current first.

Have fun gazing upon such wonders...

     October 24 - Beth's Gelli Art Time
     October 17 - Peg's Sparkly Door Decor
     October 10 -  Sylvia's Pumpkin Glow
     Ocotber 3 - Shel's Autumn's Blessings Decor

     September 26 - Heather's Fond Farewell
     September 19 - Peg - P is for Pretty and Peg
     September 12 - Beth - I've Been Frame
     September 5 - Sandra - Kill the Kit
     August 29 - Heather - Back To School Sparks Kreativity
     August 22 - Sheri - Back To School Teacher Desk Set
     August 15 - Beth - Homework Trays
     August 8, 2015 - Peg - Back To School
     August 1, 2015- Sandra - Back to School - Back To Basics

     July 25, 2015 - Beth - The Garden View
     July 18, 2015 - Sheri - Faith, Hope and Love
     July 11, 2015 - Peg - Note To Self...
     July 4, 2015 - Sandra - Have Art - Will Travel

     June 27, 2015 - Shel - Masculine Mixed Media Canvas
     June 20, 2015 - Sylvia - All Gone...
     June 13, 2015 - Dana - Joy Renewed
     June 6, 2015 - Sandra - It started with a Background

     May 30, 2015 - Sandra - Put Your Hair Up and Art
     May 23, 2015 - Sylvia - Wearing "Art"...
     May 16, 2015 - Dana - Altered Altoids Tin Necklace
     May 9, 2015 - Shel - Summer Slides
     May 2, 2015 - Sandra - Find Your Spark and Wear it 

     April 25, 2015 - Dana - How to Make A Book From Two Canvases
     April 18, 2015 - Shel - Tray Chic
     April 11, 2015 - Sylvia - SomeBunny Loves You...
     April 4, 2015 - Sandra -You Are Unique, Embrace it

I have also categorized them by the Designer below:

Design Team One:

Sandra (Team leader):

     April - You Are Unique, Embrace It
     May - Find Your Spark and Wear It
                Put Your Hair Up and Art
     June - It Started With A Background


     April - Tray Chic
     May - Summer Slides
     June - Masculine Mixed Media Canvas
     October - Autumn's Blessings Decor


     April - SomeBunny Loves You...
     May - Wearing "Art"...
     June - All Gone...
     October - Pumpkin Glow


     April - How To Make A Book From Two Canvases
     May - Altered Altoids Tin Necklace
     June - Joy Renewed

Stay tuned for Design Team Two beginning July 4th -- YEAH!!

Team Two has begun posting, WooHoo!!! To learn more about these awesome kreative ladies, please visit the Kraaft Shaak Design Team Page or by clicking HERE...

Also, visit Heather's Blog post for more info about these inspiring ladies by clicking HERE

Design Team Two:

Sandra (team Leader):
     July - Have Art - Will Travel
     August - Back To School - Back To Basics
     September - Kill the Kit

     July - Note To Self...
     August - Back To School
     September - P is for Pretty and Peg
     October - Peg's Sparkly Door Decor

     July - Faith, Hope and Love
     August - Back To School Teacher Desk Set

     July - The Garden View
     August - Homework Trays
     September - I've Been Frame
     October 24 - Gelli Art Time

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