Saturday, April 21, 2012

Compendium of Curiosity 2, Challenge 2

This week's challenge comes from page 58 of Tim Holtz's book, Compendium of Curiosity 2. Although I did not have all the required supplies, I did visit 3 stores to find the SnowCap mixative. But, as my luck would have it, none of the stores in my area or surrounding area had it. Drats, I so wanted to complete this technique!!!

Undaunted, I improvised using the background info gleamed from attending Tim's On-Line Course, Creative Chemistry 101!!! Since I learned about the differences in inks, I pulled out a white pigment dye ink pad to use in place of SnowCap. It worked!!! Granted, I had to apply several coats to get coverage I wanted, but it worked.

While it might not qualify for the criteria in this Challenge, I am sooo glad I took Tim's CC101, else I would not have been able to improvise as I did.

Here's my tag:

I used a copper embellishment, and followed the procedures on page 58 in Tim's book.

Thank you Linda for another great Challenge. If you would like more info, please visit Linda's blog at 


  1. Great job winging it with the supplies, this turned out lovely.

  2. You get an A+ in both artistry AND improvisation! Nice work using that Creative Chemistry knowledge to make this challenge work for you! This is gorgeous and a spectacular expression of CC2C #2!!!

  3. Love your color choices for the faux patina technique! Gorgeous tag and design!

  4. Your tag is very pretty! (Please consider turning word verification off. I love commenting but it makes it so difficult.)