Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Jolt From The Past

Hi everyone!! I got a jolt from the past I had totally forgotten about, but upon receiving an e-mail notification, I remember that day well...

Over a year ago, I was sitting with my 8 year old granddaughter in Starbucks before the start of school. She was showing me the website she made, (yes, 8 years old and she made a website) and it completely blew me away.  I asked how she did that, where upon she proceeded to show her Nana how. I was flabbergasted on how easy it was, so when I dropped her off at school, I hurried home to attempt my hand at creating my own site.

Like most things on the web, I had to create an account, and you have to answer alot of questions and keep clicking through until you finally get to a starting point to create. And I did. I put alot of "stuff" on it, cuz I just did not know where I wanted to go with it, nor what I really wanted it to accomplish. But, hey, I was there, it was easy and it was "free".

I recall I spent the better part of the morning playing with it. Then I got interrupted by life, closed it down and completely, without giving it another thought, forgot about it -- erased it from my mind. Never to enter that void again, or so I thought...

Over the past weekend I received an email letting me know, I had renewed my domain name for XXX dollars. Domain name??? Really, what domain name? Now normally I do NOT open any email i know not from whence it came, but something, SOMETHING, about this one seemed familiar, so I clicked it open and BAM -- instant recall!!!

There was that website I had made over a year ago, and I laughed, and of course, chided myself for forgetting, for not utilizing something I had paid for. And speaking of paid for, I really don't remember clicking that, but I surly did cuz they had all the right info. Apparently in my eagerness to CREATE, I just clicked all the buttons I could to just get me to that starting point, and quick!!

So today, since I have paid for another year, I decided to actually USE it (how novel). I have spent the better part of the morning fixing all the silly stuff I had put in place and actually making it a website that gathers all the places I am present on that vast intricate web out there.

It's a simple site, unpretentious, that just tells ya where to locate me in all the social media sites I am on, well most of them.  Slowly I will add all the spots like pinterest, twitter, instagram, linkin, etc when I become proficient in them.

The problem is, I find, there are SOOOOO MANY sites now where one can create an account and be seen, followed, +'d, circled, befriended, defriended, added, liked, hearted, tweeted.... aurgh!!! Too much!!

After appearing on Google+ Community's  Kraafters Kommunity "Kraaft It Live" show yesterday and being asked by Heather, "So, Sylvia, how can our viewers find you?" and I really had nothing except this blog, which I don't maintain well, I thought, no, remembered that website, and told myself to get busy and use what ya got, crimony!!!  So I listed the sites I use the most, for now.

Please be kind when ya mosey on over there. The programmer in me just wants it done to a working degree cuz the crafter in me wants to get busy and get inky!!!

To visit it, if you wish, please click this


  1. Very Nice Sylvia! I too am guilty of not diligently maintaining my blog but I keep telling myself I'm going to change that. Hopefully someday soon I will, lol. I will now mosey on over to check out what you have been up to on that website of yours. I'm sure it's wonderful. Have a wonderful day! talk with you soon.

    1. Oh, Maria, thank you for your kind words. It can be a daunting task to maintain all these sites, when the kraafter in me just wants to play nice with inks and paints and stamps and tissue, and, and, and. ..