Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kraaft Shaak Challenge February

Over in Google Plus, Heather has issued this month's challenge in the Kraafters Kommunity. It's a nice, easy challenge -- COLORING. Color anything you want, using any type of coloring medium. This is my entry for the challenge.

On her Kraaft It Live Show on Tuesdays at noon MST, she demo'd coloring with Faber-Castell Big Brush Pens. They are India Ink but can be manipulated with water, once dry, they are permanent. She showed her blending technique on some monograms she had drawn.

I decided to play along, so I drew and "S".  Not having those pens, I used my InkTense blocks which are the same principle -- ink that can be moved by water, but once dry, they are permanent.

In hindsight, I wish I had used watercolor paper instead of my Dylusions Journal. The papers just don't stand up good to alot of water, plus they are absorbent which doesn't lend to the "blending process" well. Also, I must test the colorfastness of the pens I use !!! You can see "bleeding" -- AURGH!!!  But, what's done is done... maybe I'll learn from my mistakes...



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Peg. .. I gotta get those ink pens that don't bleed. ..

    2. Thanks, Peg. .. I gotta get those ink pens that don't bleed. ..

  2. I think the colors came out beautifully! I want to see you do it the other way now so we can do a side by side comparison!

    1. Ya mean on the watercolor paper? ? Ya, I love the colors too

  3. I think the papers in Lady Dyan's journal soak up her spray just great. I would want to coat the surface for anything else. Dina always calls it underpants. You can always go without them but you sure feel funny.

  4. Love it Sylvia! Beautiful colors. Peg - you made me LOL with the underpants comment.

  5. oh wow! I love your 'S' you NAILED IT! This is a great entry into the Kraafters Challenge - thank you!