Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hope Shines

WOIW  --  Word of Inspiration Wednesday

... is a weekly art project in Kraafters Kommunity on Google Plus. Every Wednesday, Heather gives us a word to Inspire our Creativity. This week's word is HOPE. Most every time I hear that word, the little Bible song I learned in Sunday School rings in my head. You know the one...

"Have Faith, Hope, and Charity,
that's the way to live successfully
How do I know
The Bible tells me so..."

I don't know of any person who does not have HOPE, regardless of your religion, or non-religion. Granted, you might call it dreams, or aspirations, or expectations, wishes, belief, desires, goals or promises, but we all have it, it is part of our very Being.

HOPE is a powerful word. And just like that little song, it is entwined with FAITH and CHARITY. They are one and the same, yet all different with their own respectful meanings, but none can exist without the others.  HOPE gives us the FAITH to LOVE (Charity).  FAITH allows us to HOPE through LOVE.  And LOVE binds our HOPES to FAITH.

All three are what gives us courage to face another day, to belief in ourselves, our accomplishments, to LOVE ourselves and one another, to have FAITH in ourselves and one another, and to have HOPE for our wellbeing, our Futures, our strengths to carry on.  

Even if the load is much to bear, or the road is bumpy and rocky, or the path is blocked... our HOPE sees us through. When days are beautiful and all things are right in our Lives, we still have HOPE... it is that smile that crosses our faces, or those tears of Joy, or that sweet music of a loved one's voice.

HOPE fills us up, it nourishes our Souls. It is the sweet nectar of FAITH and LOVE. It is our Salvation...