Sunday, October 5, 2014

This Is The Face Of Pain


I belong to a wonderful Community on Google+ called Kraafters Kommunity. Every Wednesday we are challenged with a Word which we are asked to use in a creative way.  On Oct 1st we were given PAIN.

I was struck by this word, and it has given me considerable thought. This is how I see PAIN:

What??? You don't see it?? Neither do I and neither do most people. We hide our PAIN, we mask it with the socially acceptable "Happy Face" -- the non-committal, non-expression face of nothingness. Why???

PAIN can range from the mundane annoyance to placating our Soul to God for strength to handle the torture.  It can be physical pain, emotional pain, real pain or imaginary pain. They all exist and they all affect us in varied ways.

We can "see" physical pain via cuts or bruises and as that heals we might see the scars left behind. We can't see the emotional pain, nor the toll it takes as it heals but leaves it's hidden scars that forever change us.

And no matter how much, or little, pain we have in our lifes, we never fully share it's depth with another. We keep it hidden because we can't express it, or we don't want to. We have our hidden reasons, so we will put on that "Happy Face" and go forth...


  1. So true what you said about emotional pain! Did you use a Gelli print as a basis for the face?

    1. Thank you, Zsuzsa. Yes, i did use a Gelli Pull. One I recently made in Carolyn Dube's class. It just looked like a face and the colors were the gamut of pain from the blistering hot reds/oranges of pain to the cool soothing blues of calm healing.

  2. So, so, so true, Sylvia!!! We never know the pain that is being hidden by the smile on someones face. hugs, Patty

    1. Thank you, Patty. We all wear masks, some better than others