Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Necklace

I dabble in alot of mediums, am master of none, but enjoy just trying...

And one of those mediums is Wired Jewelry. I began this journey because I wanted a wired flower for a card I was making. I went to all the scrapbook stores looking for the concept I had in my Mind's Eye, finding nothing, nada, zip... which was soooo disappointing.

Then I happened to wander into the jewelry aisle of Michaels thinking I might find something there. Oh, I found something all right!!! There, in front of me, were these spools of wire -- all colors of wire, all thicknesses, all types!!! My mind started whirling, that sight was intoxicating to a crafter. I began to have visions of the possibilities of adding wire to my cards, my multi media projects, tags -- oh, I was over joyed!!! But never once did jewelry making ever cross my mind. I just wanted to make flowers, and frames, and hearts, and stars -- well you get the idea -- everything!!!

And not knowing a thing about bending wire, I just grabbed a few spools that appealed to me. I knew I would need some tools to help bend that wire and, as luck would have it, or proper commercial placement of products, there were all the "tools" right next to that wire!!! Imagine that!! I grabbed a round thingy and a pliers thingy, oh and something to cut the wire with. I was happy, I knew I would be able to make my flower to complete that card.

I hurried home, all excited to begin. I sat at the kitchen table, dumped all my new found wonders onto the table, pulled out some of the brass wire, cut the length I thought I would need, and began bending that brass into little flower petals, then a stem with, how about a leaf here and one over there. I WAS HOOKED!!!

I must have made 50 flowers, trying all sorts of bending, forming, twisting I could think of. Then it hit me -- YOUTUBE -- I bet there are a "few" videos about bending wire.  Oh, silly, naive crafter!!! I spent the rest of the weekend glued to that iPad, watching all I could find on this new found love. Bending and shaping and forming that wire right along with all the fabulous tutorials I could find.

I learned about wire thickness, or "gauge" as "us" wire workers like to call it (hahaha); silver, copper, brass, bronze; anodizing, polishing; round, half round, square; dead-soft, half-hard, hard; hardening; coated or pure. Intoxicating for sure!!!

I have made a ton of "stuff' since then, and my family/friends have been privy to alot of that "stuff" whether they wanted it or not, I was eager to share. I have even made a few things I kept for myself.

This is one of those items, and I just love it. I found the pendant in Michaels in the Holiday Ornament Section and thought, "Hey, that would make a great necklace for Christmas".  I have experimented with chains, making all my own loops and clasps. I know I could use store bought "findings", but the OCD in me just needs for it to be as much as my own hand made as possible. Besides, links and chains and clasps and ear wires are so easy and fun to make. I can sit for hours bending and turning and hardening wire.

It is satisfying to see a long piece of wire turn into a ring, or necklace or earrings, or bracelet, or "flowers, hearts, stars and frames"

The links and clasp are hand made. The bale is from an old, old broken necklace that I bent into a hook and closed in the back, the Sleigh is from Michaels, the wire is bronzed, 18 gauge round, half-hard.

Now that Christmastime is upon us, I get to wear this. Thanksgiving Day marks the occasion, as that day, to me, begins the celebration of Christ's Birth and all that I am thankful for. It's a wonderful time where people seem to share more, care more. It is nostalgic, whimsical, magical filled with hopes and dreams. And one of the most precious sights of the Season, is to witness its Wonder through small children's eyes and see the world untainted, pure.


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    1. Lol... thanks, Peg! !! For some reason, I do like to bend the wire at this time of year...

  2. How cute! Perfect for completing your Christmas outfit!

    1. I've never had one before, so I am looking forward to wearing this

  3. Sylvia, I so love your addiction to wire!!!! After reading your account, I feel as if I'm addicted also! hahahaha Oh, to have your skill, by just reading your enthusiasm, we would all be addicted to wire. Thanks for sharing. I love your necklace! hugs, Patty

    1. Thanx, Patty. It really is fun and pretty easy to do